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Multi-Functional Five DoF Telerobot Design

Funding Agency



Scientific Research Project (BAP)



Grant Period  

April 2010—December 2011

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mehmet ›smet Can Dede

Project Group
  • Gökhan Berker
  • Ufuk řirin
  • řakir ›mren
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    Robotic systems are preferred in assembly and production lines due to their high precision in repetitive tasks and adaptability to flexible production. However, only with the evolution of artificial intelligence robots will become machines that can make real-time decisions when they are not pre-programmed for complex tasks. Some critical operations, even if the artificial intelligence levels improve call for human decisions and interactions to be in the operation loop. It is with teleoperation concept that the human input can be included in this loop in real-time tasks. A teleoperation system consists of three sub-systems. These are master, slave and communication sub-systems. Master and slave are usually special robotic systems. In the previous project funded by IZTECH, 2009Ä°YTE10, a master system which is designed as a haptic interface was developed and produced. The project “Multi-Functional Five DoF Telerobot Designâ€Ě aims to design and produce a slave robotic system that can be controlled by the master system developed. A complete teleoperation system will be integrated as a result of this work. Accessible control that will be developed for the telerobot to be produced in this project can be also used for standalone robotics and control experimentations. Thus, the telerobot that will be designed and manufactured in this project will be multi-functional to serve the needs for multi-mode experimentation.


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